About the art


Our physical and intellectual being is actually undergoing a very strong change, which experiences a clarifying cleansing not only in global economy. This question of sense is asked in art and culture too, which shows a high tendency to greater spirituality and consciousness.

The works of the artists Josef Sch?ffmann and Harald Wiesleitner appear in this process. They are the result of the artistic analysis of the phenomenon Joao de Deus, an exceptional spirit healer.

After returning from week-long film works in the heart of Brazil, a process of deep, spiritual experiences began. The healing knowledge of our eternal existence became certitude and let the knowledge of the existence of God create a new, spiritual picture of the world.

The high energy on the spot and dealing with the mediums, people who are able to receive and transfer messages of high spirits, influenced and imprinted all aspects of their work sustainable.

This new dimension in daily creativity, as well as the subjective experienced emotional events in front of the paintings,are explained in the book "spiritualism" of the great scientist and Psycho Bio Physicist Alan Kardec in 19th Century, who realized that energy will never get lost and can be transported into / through each medium.

To feel the presence of the spiritual power of the mediums and high spirits in the artistic work and to open the flow of energy to the viewer, it is necessary, to begin (join) a confrontation with the works.

The art has always been an ambassador of new spirit of the age and new forms of life, here reveals art with the intention of opening the hearts a little and contribute to the healing of individuals and thereby contribute to the healing of the world.

Our being as spiritual beings ,who are living(going) through a physical experience to the progress of the soul and the realization, that the way of mankind to more divine consciousness can only be achieved by the break with the karmic cycle.