Healing Pictures

In September 2007 in a little town called Abadiania, in the heart of Brazil, the artists Josef Sch?ffmann and Harald Wiesleitner started to express the spiritual and healing work of Joao de Deus, the worlds most famous living full Trans Medium, in the spheres of film, photography and painting.

When showing their art after their return to Austria, many people experienced strong emotions, spiritual and psychical changes. The artists asked the mediums of the casa Dom Ignacio, where Joao de Deus performs his healing work, about the origin and meaning of the occurrences.

They replied to the artists, that the divine energy of the images will come through their work and a person can receive a spiritual or physical healing just by viewing the art with an open heart, believe and trust.

The pictures can be seen as a message to open the spiritual consciousness and as an important contribution to support the healing of the world.